Welcome, Terror!

The fascist tendencies which have come to the surface around the globe, both in Islamic and Christian countries, as well as in communist states such as Cuba and China (and even in Hindu India), is there for us to conquer and give us the fuel and incentive to rise to a higher planetary level. This new planetary civilization will be based on real democracy, both political and economic.

Do not despair. This fight is going to be hard and it will hurt, but the Universe itself tends towards freedom. Everybody wants freedom. Nobody wants repression, communist style or fascist style.

A time of profound opportunity

It is clear we do not have the weapons of those who are preparing for the establishment of a police-state. But there are ways around that. Those who are for freedom cannot use those weapons anyway, save to maintain legitimate law and order and to administer justice in a democratic state, with all civil liberties and fundamental freedoms we used to have in the West during the time political democracy was still sacred there.
Rebirth (see Arco Art for more)

Do not despair! The whole Universe rallies for freedom. But freedom demands participation of the citizens. You have to actively and constantly defend it. If you are not vigilant and do not actively participate in maintaining it by at least voting consciously for what is right, it will slip away through your fingers, as has happened to a large extent in the US already.

George Bush is a blessing in disguise. His Neo-Cons force us to wake up and use our brains to thwart his nefarious agenda. If you, fellow freedom-lovers, do not see it yet, you will. We first have to realize the danger we face, then see the opportunity in it and make sure that following these trying times of wars and rumors of wars we come out on top with a new planetary civilization with abundance for all in a physical sense and real democracy in a moral sense.

These times are trying, but they are trying precisely for us to be able to move up to a higher plane of civilization where human rights and human responsibilities reign supreme.