We Hang in Between

One of our biggest mistakes is the belief that we are sovereign. True it is, our Inner Self is sovereign, our conscience if you will. But we as human beings are utterly dependent on the Spirit. Without the Spirit in us, our hearts would not beat. If the Spirit falters just a couple of minutes, we’re gone.

The force (or energy) we use to think with is either a function of the metabolic processes going on – quite unconsciously! – within our bodies, in which case we have to ask ourselves what, ultimately, matter is. According to accepted science, matter is – ultimately – energy, which must be generated somewhere, so that we’re back to Spirit again.

But we might also believe that the force we use to think with is in league with an energy (or ‘being’) transcending material energy. This transcendence we may call ‘Spirit’, or ‘God’. Either way (a function of the metabolic processes or transcendent being), we do not consciously create or generate the force we use to think with. This means that not only do our lives depend utterly on the Spirit (which may stop pumping our hearts any minute), but our very thinking also depends utterly on Spirit. If the force withdraws, you can no longer think.

Buddhist point of view

Now, some believe that all the energies, including so-called ‘Spirit’, are material and only differ in frequency. This is quite feasible, but then again we have to ask ourselves what generates these energies, what is their source?

Here the Buddhists say: ‘Nothing’, i.e. ‘No-Thing’. It is not energy, it is not any material thing, it is not desire, it is not even ‘order’ as we conceive it; in short, it is not anything we know. We do not know what it is. So we do not speak. We do not define, or try to limit it in any way; we do not even give it a name. We say: ‘Nothing’. We remain silent. We may be lucky, if from time to time the veil is lifted for a second and we are allowed to experience this ‘Becoming of Nothingness’.

But if it helps your understanding to call this ‘No-Thing’, this Center which moves not, ‘God’, then by all means call it God. This we personally frequently do. And God manifests in various ways and we may study and investigate that. We may try to understand how He/She/It – this God or ‘Nothing’ – operates. Not what it is, but how it operates. This is Science, investigating both physical and spiritual laws, i.e. recurring and predictable patterns.

Spiritual laws

There are also spiritual laws. One of them we call ‘Justice’. The East calls it ‘Karma’. Now, ‘Karma’ both gives and corrects. In the West we call this ‘distributive (= giving) justice’ and ‘retributive (= correcting) justice’. If we do not heed Justice or Karma (i.e. the right balance between distribution and retribution), it will rebalance itself as a natural force must. Natural forces – e.g. electricity – can be very painful, if you do not respect them.

At this time in history we are not heeding the Karmic balance on a massive scale. The consequences are the wars and rumors of wars we are passing through right now. This has placed freedom in danger both from within and from without. The ultimate cause of this danger is the massive social and economic injustice we have allowed to develop and maintain itself. If we want peace, freedom and democracy, we need to rebalance, i.e. we need more equality.

We hang from the Center of the Universe between centrifugal (spiritualizing, giving) and centripetal (form-giving, correcting) forces. If we want freedom and democracy, we had better rebalance voluntarily.

Our daily video is about ‘Natural Justice’. Hilarious!! A must see.