Time for a change of heart

The frog is sad, because the sun won’t come out. Its absence in the artwork by local artist Diana Rueda (see end of the article) is so loud, one can almost hear it. A thick smog obscures the truth.

The smog is the disunity and deep hatred which has been clouding our politics for much too long. Instead of profiling their own positive programs and candidates, our politicians never go beyond finding the weaknesses and errors in the opposition’s programs and candidates and subsequently trying to hit them as hard as possible. Anything goes: ridiculing, name-calling, insinuations, false denials, nitpicking, lies or half-truths at best. It goes on and on.

Some people are amused by this, but the great majority are disgusted and fed up with all parties. It is time to bridge the differences, especially when it is about Bonaire’s future. We have to get the best deal possible from Holland. We need unity to get it.