The Healthcare Fiasco Fix

By: Caritas Puella
There is an equitable answer to the healthcare problems/fiascos anywhere! It’s so simple and economical, though, vested interests will not be able to make the mega bucks they have been pocketing for umpteen years by ripping off the sick, elderly and those who inadvertently keep the system afloat just by paying premiums and subscribing to medical and healthcare (?) programs.

If there were real competition in the healthcare field, e.g., alternative healthcare practitioners whose services would be covered and reimbursed by healthcare plans-or what it commonly referred to as holistic practitioners, COSTS would plunge dramatically. Why?, because the entire healthcare system would have to readjust itself because of effective competition at lower costs both financially and healthwise, e.g., fewer prescription drugs used and their ensuing medical problems due to adverse health reactions in patients. The medical term for doctor-induced health problems is iatrogenesis. That costs jillions of dollars a year, especially from problems in hospitals.

Often years after drug companies have “misplaced” clinical trial research that proved a drug harmful are patients and the public advised to stop taking it; or because of a heavy-duty class action lawsuit filed on behalf of injured patients. These ensuing costs are passed along by pharmaceutical companies in the pricing of their chemical medicines.

Furthermore, equal or better management of chronic health problems with the use of homeopathic or other biologicals that have exceptional efficacy would help implode our current “LEGAL” drug culture among senior citizens, many of whom are taking up to 15 legally prescribed drugs a day; they’re called prescriptions. Has anyone considered what latent/occult healthcare problems are brewing in patients taking numerous prescription drugs a day?

Anyone with any chemistry background will tell you that putting all those chemicals into a test tube probably will result with an explosion from chemical interaction. Well, what’s happening in the human body??? The resulting interaction is more health problems. Hasn’t the medical profession been able to figure out that one? They, most of all, who take an oath not to do any harm, should be at the first line of defense against the prescription drug culture in senior citizens. But, No!, they are the perpetrators of it! They have a license and a prescription pad that do more harm to the healthcare system than can be tallied up by several teams of high priced accounting firms.

Unfortunately for the pharmaceutical companies, some “natural” remedies have been used by cultures for hundreds, if not, thousands of years and can’t be patented, including modalities such as acupuncture. Constantly the public is being admonished via PR and advertising campaigns about talking with your doctor if you take vitamins, herbs, or other “folk” remedies. Why? Because they are effective and can influence enzyme pathways in the human body that may negate the chemical pharmaceutical. Interesting, isn’t that? Well, if the medical profession knows that, then why can’t they know enough to prescribe such remedies to interact with human biological pathways so as to effectuate health in a manner that:

  1. doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for ONE pill;
  2. will eliminate the need for taking 12 other pharmaceutical drugs;
  3. doesn’t encourage a black market trade and crime wave to steal them so that they could be sold for booty; and
  4. puts the patient FIRST and not allegiances to the pharmaceutical industry’s financial domination over both physicians and the healthcare system, especially in the U.S.A

Drugs are profitable no matter who makes them either legally or on the street! We ought to wake up to the fact that we have bought into the drug culture even if we don’t buy meth or any of the street drugs.

Now to the heart of the issue. Regardless of political parties or their presidential candidates, no one will be able to create a viable, patient-friendly healthcare system UNTIL everyone-politicians, licensing agencies, and the suffering public-demands better treatment and effectively takes away the power of the purse from pharmaceutical companies and healthcare plans that buy into and subsidize poor or nominal care at exorbitant costs both financially and healthwise.

One of the most commonly known axioms of economics is that competition brings down the price or cost. Well, when a monopoly exists within a universal industry such as healthcare where there can be no effective alternative competition because the medical and pharmaceutical industries have crawled into bed together to effectuate NO competition, then that perpetuates each other looking out for the other’s interest.

Isn’t it about time that Mr. Joe and Ms. Joleen Public put down BOTH feet and start demanding better care for themselves, their kids, parents and everyone? Studies have shown that when there were medical strikes at hospitals there were less deaths. Now how can that be? Well, you go figure it out. It’s not that hard, and when you come up with the answer, you will realize what has to be done to get better healthcare.