Stay on the road

Outdoor Bonaire and the Mangrove Info Center are two tourism-based enterprises known for their efforts to assist preserving Bonaire’s nature.

Both companies are concerned about the explosive growth in the number of people who take their cars or off-road vehicles (such as quads, etc.) into the delicate mangrove area of Lac Bay, driving directly to the waterline.

This area is home to many flamingoes and other water-birds, and their habitat and normal behavior are disturbed by people trying to take a closer look. Other ground dwelling plants and animals are also damaged—recently, vehicle tires were found directly over new re-growth of black mangrove trees.

To avoid damage and disturbance to Bonaire’s flora and fauna, the companies have placed a sign asking drivers to stay on the road.

Not only is the island’s flora and fauna damaged, but many vehicles get stuck in the mud of the tidal zone, and then need to be towed. Towing is expensive and causes further damage to the environment.

When touring the Lac Bay area, please stay on the road.