Neo-con indeed a Neo con!

We have been criticized for calling the Neo-cons ‘fascists’. Fascism is too harsh a word. Well, we listen to our critics sometimes. We agree. The now prevalent political ideology in the US (the land of the free of all places!!!) is indeed not the same as Fascism. It looks like it, but there are differences. It is not the same as Nazism either. Again the similarities are there, but not quite. So we have to define the word itself: Neo-con-ism.

Neo-con-ism differs from both Fascism and Nazism in that it is functioning within the parameters of an undermined democracy. Fascism and Nazism did not have to reckon with any such restraints, although under Mussolini some weak remnants of democracy remained intact (similar to where Venezuela is heading now). Neo-con-ism portrays itself as democratic. It claims to be the champion of democracy even!

Neo-con-ism is unique

Nazism and Fascism never tried the trick of both championing and undermining democracy at the same time. This certainly makes Neo-con-ism unique. An ideology at war with itself and yet in power. A logical thinker would have thought it impossible, but there it is. People are both rational and emotional, so they can live happily with stark illogicalities.

Nazism and Fascism moved the masses. To do that, they espoused a vague form of socialism. ‘Nazi’ is short for ‘National Socialism’. In fascist Italy they encouraged ‘Corporatism’, containing at least some socialist slogans. Neo-con-ism, however, resolutely condemns any and all forms of socialism. It is a system honed to subdue the masses, not to empower them. Neo-con-ism basically wants a slave-based economy as in the former US South. Socialism is anathema in such an economy.

That is why, fortunately, in the end the Neo-cons will not get the masses on their side. In this, too, Neo-con-ism is unique. It antagonizes the masses, and yet somehow manages to seize and hold on to power by means of the ballot. The only logical conclusion is that Americans must be crazy. There is no logicality or sanity in Neo-con-ism at all.


The Americans may be crazy, but it must be admitted that the Neo-cons fooled us all. They have turned doublespeak into an art. The Nazis knew that a lie will become truth, if it is bold enough and repeated often enough. The Neo-cons have added intelligence to this ploy. They understand that a lie must be based on a half-truth at least. Otherwise the media will uncover it too soon. In this way they always stay one step ahead. By the time the lie has been exposed, they have already moved on to new half-truths. This way they keep everybody busy, but always manage to slip through.

The Neo-cons share with fascists and Nazi’s that they are dictatorial and ruthless. The Neo-cons face the problem, however, that they advocate democracy and at the same time want to kill it. They are splits artists. Fortunately, the splits can only go so far. It seems unlikely they will succeed in killing democracy completely, precisely because they want to champion it at the same time. So we must agree that Neo-con-ism is less dangerous and less dictatorial than Nazism and Fascism. However, it is equally ruthless.

Glorious Ideology

Neo-con-ism shares with Nazism and Fascism that it is based on a Glorious Ideology. The fascists built their ideology around the Glorious Roman Empire. This was at least part fact. Rome was glorious. It had iron discipline and a high degree of organization, even democracy to some extent. But also a slave-based economy and a strict distinction between Patricians and Plebeians. So glorious, yes, but also un-free, unequal and not troubled by any scruples.

Nazism had to invent a myth for their Glorious Ideology. The myth was a non-existent original Nordic or Arian culture, where everything was better. Where people were happy, because they loved their Führer, who loved them in return. The Arians were better people, stronger, more intelligent, more disciplined, in short a Super-Race. At the same time the Nazi’s exalted work and used the socialist momentum to win over the masses.

Now, here Neo-con-ism is again unique. It also uses a Glorious Ideology. But this is where they are even more wickedly ingenious than their Nazi and fascist brothers: They hi-jacked the Christian religion for their ideology. This is how they managed to fool everyone. Here words fail us.


We will not refer to Neo-cons as fascists anymore. The analysis shows they are different. It also shows why they will eventually be defeated. When that happens, there will be much gnashing of teeth.

Our daily video is part of a series posted on Youtube about the rise of Neo-con-ism. Be sure to watch the whole series!