MP’s visit saba schools

The Bottom, Saba (SNA): Members of Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles during their visit to the island of Saba last week visited both schools namely the Saba Comprehensive School and the Sacred Heart School. The MP’s were very impressed with the state of both schools and commented that the Saba schools can be used as the best kept schools in the Netherlands Antilles.
The parliamentarians received full guided tours of the schools with explanations of the various programs at the schools. The Members of the Parliament’s Education Committee promised to return and sit down with school officials to discuss matters of interest to parliament with respect to the new Innovations etc. within the educational system on Saba.

Saba Children
Photo: Senators Frans Richardson and Mirna Louisa-Godett talking to some of the children at the Sacred Heart School.

Photo by Dave Levenstone for SNA