Mirrors of Time; Book Review by Caritas Puella

Psychiatry probably is the least “scientific” of the medical arts. Much of what psychiatrists do cannot meet the medical criteria, i.e., put under a microscope, dissected, or replicated in double blind studies. But still the practice continues growing into a more humane discipline and away from electric shock therapy, lobotomies, and heavy-duty pharmaceuticals.

One of its most innovative researchers is Brian L. Weiss, a medical doctor with impeccable credentials: Graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, former Chairman of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami, and Director of The Weiss Institute of Miami.

Doctor Weiss found that he could help his patients more quickly and more efficaciously by utilizing spirituality and past life regression. He apparently found that the human psyche is weighted down by past lives lived in former times that still impact individuals in their current lives.

But how did Doctor Weiss come by such innovative medical treatment? He had a patient who was not responding to treatment until he used hypnosis and she led him back in time to her troublesome life in ancient Egypt. As a result of what is called past life regression, Weiss was able to cure the woman and she is fine. He really feels that patients cure themselves when they find out what psychological trauma and baggage a soul is carrying from past lives into a current life.

This book is exceptionally well written to help others find answers to what’s wrong with them and how come they are physically sick. Doctor Weiss works with patients using spirituality, meditation, the light and past life regression emphasizing reincarnation, and the realization that we are everlasting spirits enjoying a sojourn here on earth and that our souls will live on into eternity. However, we have to grow spiritually and that’s what life on earth with all its problems is all about.

As an example, he talks about regressing non-responsive patients with asthma. When the patients were regressed and find that they had died in a fire or of smoke inhalation and deal with that on a psychological level, their asthma was no more.

He talks about why we reincarnate; what we have to learn, and even about animals.
On page 65 he says,

I’ve posed this question to many patients, and the answer is always the same: This isn’t the only place where there are souls. There are many dimensions and different levels of consciousness where souls exist. Why should we feel that we’re the only place for souls? After all, there’s no limit to energy. Earth is merely one of many schools in the universe.

And on page 73:
It’s worthwhile to invest in this path of love, however, because it’s one of peace and happiness. Don’t worry about the pace of progress or judge yourself when you make mistakes. This is your unique path, and there’s so much to learn along the way. In this school
[earth life], we have physical bodies and we learn through emotions and relationships. As we progress along the path of spirituality, we’ll become more tolerant, understanding, and open to love.

Dr. Weiss really has gotten his professional and spiritual act together, it seems. Patients respond dramatically to his type of therapy called past life regression. He claims that medication is not needed when past life issues are resolved!

There’s a CD included in the book that provides an exercise for a regression session that is completely safe and time tested by his patients. Even if one does not have psychological and/or emotional problems, this book presents an interesting concept on how human souls evolve and the repercussions of past lives.

The selected video is about a concrete example of a person who appears to have remembered certain scenes of a past life. No hard evidence in the (narrow) scientific sense. But near enough to be ignored.

Author: Brian L. Weiss, MD
Publisher: Hay House, Inc. ISBN 978-1-56170-929-8 $17.95 (2002)