Hydrogen Economy

The BBC reports that a hydrogen refueling station, which could be installed in the home as an alternative to visiting a petrol station, has been unveiled. Users would need a hydrogen-powered car to go with it, although the system can also be used for heating and cooking.

One of the biggest obstacles to wider adoption of fuel-cell vehicles is the lack of hydrogen fueling stations. To be used as a fuel, hydrogen must first be produced using another energy source. While some scientists are hopeful of the fuel uses of hydrogen, many others are skeptical because it is inefficient to produce, expensive to transport and to convert into electricity.

Hydrogen Economy

Amazing Japanese break-through

While the home hydrogen refueling station sounds not bad, it is not the real break-through we have all been waiting for. However, on the hunt for a relevant video to go with this story (which we couldn’t find), we did come across some other very exciting news indeed. A Japanese invention converting water directly into hydrogen and oxygen, obtaining power in the process. We do not pretend to know how it works, but look at the video. An actual car running on water!

Is it real? Well, it looks real. See for yourself. The video was placed on Youtube on 14 June 2008. Check out the inventor’s (Genepax) website: http://www.genepax.co.jp/en/.