Bizarre 17th Century-style Terrorism

By: Caritas Puella
Is it starting up again? Is it a plane, a weather balloon, or a UFO? Who knows!, but an amazing sighting took place the day after Christmas 2007 in the skies above Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Home videos posted on the Internet attest to something sensational “stalking” the skies over this lovely and picturesque island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence affectionately known as “the gentle island”.

Although its Canada’s smallest and greenest province, this 19th century-era fashionable resort for the British named after Queen Victoria’s father, Edward Agustus, Duke of Kent, lies strategically within the realm of tourism. Could this be its potential draw for whatever appeared in its evening skies?

Locals who saw the celestial wonder inquired of the weather bureau thinking it might have been a weather balloon. The answer was an affirmative no because it was too late in the day for weather balloons to be flying. So what was it? Who knows! But this is not the first time that such an anomaly has appeared in the skies. One of the more unusual appearances goes back to August 5, 1608 over the skies of Nizza—today’s city of Nice on the Riviera in southern France.

Documents in that city’s archives suggest—state to be exact—that an extraterrestrial something or other—a spacecraft maybe?, how about three—visited and the natives were horrified at what they saw and experienced.

All three spaceships were of a long oval shape that emitted an orangey yellow vapor together with frightening noises. These “whatchamacallits” hovered over the water where the Mediterranean washes that lovely shoreline. At one point two humanoid-like creatures emerged from a “ship” with some sort of tube-like devices, then jumped into the surf up to their “hips” and explored the area for about two hours!

According to extremely frightened locals of the time and historical records, the “explorers” got back into their whatchamacallits about 10 PM or so and all three ships roared off into the eastern sky. Needless to say, in the mores of that time, the terrified residents feared the end of the world or that this was a sign from God. Everyone engaged in repentance praying for forgiveness all night long. Their prayers seemed to be answered ‘cause the next day nothing appeared. They were saved!

Not so quick! The extraterrestrial visitors moved around the coastline and on August 22, they “terrorized” Genoa, Italy. Having heard what happened in Nizza, the Italians apparently were prepared and ready, for close to 800 cannon balls were fired off at the visitors but to no avail! There was no damage to the ships and the visitors were not deterred from their exploring. However, no one emerged from a ship! Did they get the Italian message?

But those visitors weren’t finished according to town records. After a while, one of the ships perched above the town and the citizens freaked out similarly to what happens today with stampedes: deaths and many injuries. But the most lethal of all was what was attributed to coming from that hovering ship: some sort of radiations that killed people. After terrorizing the townsfolk of Genoa, the ships departed at a phenomenal rate of speed.

However, these critters weren’t finished “touring.” On August 25th of that year, the same team visited the small fishing village of Martigues not very far from Nizza. For over an hour the team “graced” the skies and amazingly, two critters got out of a ship and flew around their craft in some sort of acrobatic-like maneuver. Locals thought they were engaged in some sort of joust or duel. Who knows?

But things became even more bizarre. Although no more flying machines and critters were seen, about a week later red rain—just like blood, or shades of Moses biblical events—began to fall. The locals probably had apoplexy as a result of all this terrorism. Historically it is known that churches were overflowing for forty days with petitioners begging to be spared whatever these events were to portend.

Are the above events unique? Maybe not. The only thing that is unusual about the above is the candor with which they were reported in the local documents of their time. In the United States of America an event happened in Roswell, New Mexico that still has folks wondering about the facts involved. What if there really are others who are evolved more scientifically and/or spiritually than earthlings?

Our selected video is a statement by Dr. Carol Rosin, who is willing to testify to Congress about what Werner von Braun told her about, among other things, extra-terrestrial beings. It will make you quiet.