America, Land of Immigration

Today (15 August 2007) we read the sad news about hundreds of illegal immigrants being deported from Mexico after they became stranded when a train route through the country was closed down. Up to 7,000 people - mostly from Guatemala and Honduras - got stuck in southern Mexico when a rail link to the US ceased operating.

Now this is so profoundly sad, because it shows the hypocrisy and two-facedness of people. The Mexicans of all people, who enter the USA illegally by the millions and complain about Americans deporting them, now start to deport a small number of poor Guatemalan and Honduran souls, as though God - with an invisible finger - had written ‘for Mexicans only’ on the land of Mexico.

God will not destroy us

This betrayal is enough to make anybody lose hope. But God will not destroy us. Because there is still at least one good man left. On the very same day the Mexican deportations were reported, we stumbled upon a speech delivered by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, somewhere in the US. Kucinich speaks out against the endemic injustice done to so-called ‘illegal aliens’ in the US. He explains that if we are against migrants, we are against ourselves. Migrants are people who have done no crime. The only thing they have done is leave their homes – driven by poverty and desperation – to look for a better life.

They are pursuing happiness, in other words. Something that has correctly been defined as an unalienable right in the American Declaration of Independence. Kucinich is the only US presidential candidate who speaks out with passion and humanity about the migration question. Here is a man who is the best good-will ambassador America has had for a long time. A true giant comparable in stature to John and Robert Kennedy. The only US-candidate who commands respect even from his most bitter adversaries.

View our daily video to literally see the soul returning to the US via people like Kucinich. This is hope again! We will store this video in our collection of ‘outstanding video’s’, so that our readers may quickly and frequently return to it.